Brand Strategist

Paul Tolmé is a media strategist and public relations consultant who helps brands and organizations define their messages and grow their audiences. He works primarily in the bicycle industry and for environmental nonprofits, creating press releases and marketing materials, email newsletter and social media campaigns. Bicycle industry clients include Gates Carbon Drive, Yuba Bicycles, Spot Brand and Breezer Bikes. Tolmé's environmental clients include: Protect Our Winters, the San Francisco Estuary Institute, and the National Wildlife Federation.


Project Work

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Paul works as a media strategist, content creator, blogger, copywriter and social media manager for Gates Carbon Drive, a bicycle belt drive technology that replaces greasy and rusty chains. During his tenure with the brand, Gates Carbon Drive has grown from an innovative new technology into a globally recognized component used by hundreds of bike brands around the world.

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Paul created and writes the Belted Blog, a platform that allows Gates Carbon Drive to tell compelling stories about the athletes and adventurers who ride belt drive bikes--and showcasing high-quality photography and videos of the most appealing and innovative bicycles that use the Gates technology.